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A training company dedicated to In-House Resourcing Professionals.

Ingenium People is a specialist training company dedicated to improving the performance and delivering ROI for in-house recruiters. Our bespoke in-house courses and public classroom-based modules are proven in achieving outstanding results – and we have worked with leading brands in all sectors to deliver immediate and tangible improvements.

We provide in-house resourcing teams with a comprehensive understanding of the latest techniques in researching, identifying, approaching and managing candidates through the recruitment process. Ultimately, this embeds best practice and delivers better hires and significant cost savings for your business.

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The Ingenium Difference

We have built up an exceptional track record in delivering highly bespoke and measurably effective in-house training courses for resourcing teams.

Working with leading brands and public sector organisations in the UK and overseas, we help in-house teams to improve on every dimension and level of how they recruit candidates.

Very often our clients already have proven recruitment expertise and a clear understanding of recruitment processes. Our in-house training courses are designed to further develop your team’s skills, knowledge and practical expertise – showing you how best to:

  • Develop the very best direct sourcing strategies
  • Improve your understanding of the latest techniques in researching and identifying candidates online
  • Manage candidates through the recruitment process – always with your Employer Brand in mind.

Here are some of the amazing clients we work with:

Ingenium People Training - In-House Resourcing Clients

Performance guaranteed results for your team

All our training courses are tightly-focused and geared to produce practical results through the use of bespoke presentations and manuals, live examples, online demonstrations and engaging role plays.

For authenticity and whenever possible, we also incorporate live roles that in-house teams are working on at that particular time.

Our main objective as a team, and in collaboration with our talented trainers and partners, is to provide the best possible service to ensure your learning experience is beneficial.

Our passion is to help you make a real difference in the way you acquire, develop and manage your talent to add real value to the business.

Our mission is to provide practical guidance on how to select and implement the most effective In-House Resourcing tools, techniques and resources relevant to your organisation.

Our vision is to see In-House Recruiters recognised and fully accredited for their talent, tenacity and skill.

To this end, we use an award-winning system known affectionately as Clever Nelly designed by our partners at Elephants Don’t Forget, to help your team internalise their training and make sure their learning is beneficial.

Ingenium People Training - In-House Resourcing Accreditation

To learn more and find out how we can help your team, explore our full range of courses or select the courses you are interested in and send an enquiry – we will be delighted to hear from you!

Improve your skills with insights from our trainers 

Each of our trainers has more than 15 years’ hands on In-House Resourcing experience, offering informed and intelligent insights into the challenges you face as a resourcing team.

They will show you how to manage your recruitment process, focusing on their specialist areas of expertise, to make sure it’s a rewarding and enlightening experience for everyone involved.

Click on the image below to find out more and connect with our trainers on their various online networks:

Ingenium People - In-House Resourcing Trainers

Get structured courses to accommodate your training

Our training sessions are structured to help our delegates put new found skills and techniques into practice as soon as they return to work.

On our Effective Online Copywriting for Recruitment course, for example, delegates are encouraged to bring two job descriptions to work on during the session. When they leave with new two job ads they have written themselves and can’t wait to post, we know we’ve done good work.

Find out what Adeela Toor, Recruitment Advisor for London Borough of Camden took away from this course:

Above all, we align all our courses specifically to your resourcing strategy and process, and provide support every step of the way.

To do this most effectively, we use different training methods to make sure your team gets the information they need, where and when they need it, in the most cost effective (and behaviour changing) ways. Here are some examples:

  • Classroom Training
  • eLearning Training
  • Webinar Training
  • Event Training

Find more information here:

Ingenium People - In-House Recruitment Training Delivery

Use our manuals, forum and library to inform your learning

Sourcing, reviewing and downloading high quality industry information online has become a time consuming task for many In-House Recruiters.

That’s why we created the Ingenium Resource Library and Ingenium People Forum on LinkedIn – to give you direct access to industry information, data and networking.

In our Library, we’ve made it easy to find the knowledge you need, when you need it – and we add fresh and interesting content every month – absolutely for free!

Find a wealth of articles, white papers, research, books, videos, podcasts, discussions and much  more across fifteen In-House Resourcing specialisms. Further info here:

Ingenium People Resource Library for In-House Resourcing and HR Professionals

We will send our best features every month, straight to your inbox.  To receive our roundup of latest Library Highlights and blog articles, all you have to do is sign up here.

Supporting you every step of the way

Everyone on the Ingenium Team strives to continuously improve our delivery and service, based on what works in practice for our clients.

That means focusing our combined expertise, energy and time on making sure our support is tailor-made to fit your agenda. We want to work with you to help you deliver tangible results for your team and the business.

Staying on top of every aspect of the In-House Resourcing industry and the challenges you face is key to our success. It enables us to understand your unique training needs, and create bespoke training programmes for you in a format that best suits your team.

We are here to ensure you receive the right level of support, in a way that helps you get the very best results from your investment.

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