We are a training company dedicated to in-house resourcing professionals.

Ingenium Training

With over 15 years' experience in recruitment and talent management, we understand the challenges you face today; from reducing agency costs and the time to hire, to increasing the quality of candidates through the successful promotion of your corporate brand identity.

We have developed a range of in-house and public training courses designed specifically for the in-house recruitment market.

We understand the importance of positioning your team as respected business consultants in your organisation by ensuring they have the skills and confidence to source the right talent smartly, intelligently and cost-effectively. Our extensive programme of courses, led by experienced industry professionals, will help you do this.

Our mission at Ingenium People is to help you embrace and benefit from the latest best practices in recruitment, marketing and media communications. We work with companies across all sectors and success stories include some of the largest, well known brands in the UK.

Ingenium is a latin word for 'talent'.

Ingenium Resources

Developing a modern and efficient recruitment process that harnesses employer branding, candidate experience, diversity & inclusion, new technology and social media is paramount to gain competitive hiring advantage. It also means keeping a keen eye on cost per hire, building talent pools and managing internal stakeholders, particularly to get buy-in from leaders to invest and support the process.

Our Ingenium Hub resource website and LinkedIn Group have been developed with these challenges clearly in mind. 

The objective is to give In-House Resourcing teams quick access to knowledge and a trusted interactive environment to learn relevant skills, and exchange ideas and experiences about the industry with fellow colleagues and experts working in the business.

Sections include Knowledge (white papers, videos, podcasts), Community (group discussions, blog, industry events calendar), Ask the Expert (for your questions), TrainingTechnology and Suppliers.

If you would like to find out how we can help you achieve your own success story in in-house resourcing, contact us today or call on 0845 459 1990.

We will be delighted to hear from you.